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Whatzup is the best software for communicating with customers on WhatsApp. You can send WhatsApp messages to your customers with just three clicks using Whatzup.

whatsapp bulk sms


Register your account with a WhatsApp message credits.


Choose a contact group and compose your message.

Send 24x7

Send messages to an infinite contacts and receive reports.

Accurate and easy platform for productivity tracking

Our app will help you to save time on tracking the activity, time, earnings and more. Take everything under control with Baza.

We transform communication into an effective marketing tool

Most automation tools don’t operate or have few features. ChatEasy provides a full set of advanced WhatsApp capabilities.

No other software is needed

In order to use ChatEasy, you won't need to have WA open all the time. Just log in sufficient

Groups with an unlimited number of contacts

Make as many groups with as many contacts as you like. No limitations there.

Autoresponders and API for Business

It's simple to immediately and automatically respond to your customers' tens or hundreds of messages. Your own website can be integrated with it, too.

Custom Plans

Looking for a personalised plan? Please contact us if you require a plan

get a trial

Get a trial with 10 message credits and full features and no restrictions before subscribing.

Check out our pricing

Our plans are optimally suited for all business types. It will not affect your finances







Max Plus


Custom Pricing

Contact us for more than 1 lakh credits. We can give you best price.

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How do I use Whatzup to send WhatsApp messages?

The WhatsApp message can be sent in 3 easy steps. 1. Choose a plan and register. 2. Add contacts. 3. Draft and send.

Must my phone be connected to WhatsApp?

No, your phone doesn't need to be connected during the process; Even we don't need your number too.

How to send a personalized message?

ChatEasy's Templates feature allows you to send personalised messages. Choose Instance and create a message template to send with a dynamic variable.

What exactly is Automated Response (AR)?

The Automated Response feature is used to engage the customer who has responded to your bulk message. It is possible to configure it through the ChatEasy dashboard.

What exactly is the subscribe option?

By using the subscribe option, anyone can join your group's contact list. The same goes for getting off the list. This will make sure that users don't report spam.

Is it possible to put a job on hold and come back to it later?

Yes, you can stop and start the job while it's running.

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Still have questions about which plan to choose?

Our personalised technical expert assists you in selecting the best plan for your company.

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