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Supercharge Your WhatsApp Marketing

Equip your business with the tools you need to thrive in the ever-evolving world of WhatsApp marketing. Our comprehensive platform offers a powerful suite of features designed to streamline communication, personalize outreach, and maximize your campaign impact.


Register your account with a whatsapp message credits


Choose a contact group and compose your message.


Send messages to an infinite contacts and receive reports.

We transform communication into an effective marketing tool

Most automation tools don’t operate or have few features. Whatzup provides a full set of advanced WhatsApp capabilities.

No WhatsApp Number is needed

In order to use Whatzup, you won't need to have WA number to send unlimited messages.

Groups with an unlimited number of contacts

Make as many groups with as many contacts as you like. No limitations there.

Auto Spin Sender Number

It's simple to do immediately and automatically changes to new virtual number automatically respond to your tens or hundreds of messages.

Coming soon: new features

Whatzup is always looking for new cool features to help you with your business marketing.

GUI Formatting

Easily add emojis and other visual flair with a sophisticated formatting toolkit.

View Unread & Reply

With thousands of messages, you can filter unread messages and immediately respond

Store Integration

you may integrate your online shop and begin selling right away.

Import Mobile Contact

You may sync mobile and system contacts.

2 way Auth

Protect your ChatEasy account from unauthorised use.

Group Subscribing

Users can sign up for group messages by clicking a link.


Fell free to ask even more questions

We are working hard to get it out as soon as possible. We develop, test, and deploy bug-free software.

Log in to Whatzup to use our service. Cloud-based software to meet your marketing requirements

Absolutely! Track key metrics like delivery rates, opens, and clicks to measure effectiveness and refine your strategy. It is available after 48 hours of completing the campaign 

WhatsApp has limits, but our platform helps you stay within them and offers features to keep communication flowing.

Nope! Our “No Sender Number Needed” feature uses virtual numbers, so you can launch campaigns without a separate line.

Get the full potential of your business with Whatsup

A sophisticated and easy-to-use cloud-based messaging automation service.