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Powerful Features to Supercharge Your WhatsApp Marketing Software

Equip your business with the tools to drive engagement and conversions with our feature-rich WhatsApp bulk messaging panel and service.

Freedom to Connect, Simplified Operations

No Sender Number Needed

Forget the limitations of traditional phone numbers! Our revolutionary No Sender Number Needed feature empowers you to launch powerful WhatsApp marketing campaigns without the need for a dedicated WhatsApp line.

Cloud-Based WhatsApp Marketing Software

Effortless Management, Powerful Results

Say goodbye to software downloads and hello to a streamlined marketing experience! Our Cloud-Based WhatsApp Marketing Software empowers you to manage your campaigns with unmatched ease and efficiency.

Never Get Blocked Again

Introducing Auto Sender Number Spin

Don’t let blocked numbers derail your WhatsApp marketing! Our innovative Auto Sender Number Spin feature automatically switches to a fresh number from your pool if a recipient blocks your WhatsApp sender number. This seamless transition keeps your bulk WhatsApp marketing campaign running smoothly, maximizing message delivery and minimizing disruptions. Now you can focus on crafting impactful messages and achieve uninterrupted communication with your audience.

More Features

How does it work


Maintain a clear and organized contact list with our intuitive Easy Contact Management feature. This powerful tool empowers you to effortlessly manage your audience and tailor your WhatsApp marketing campaigns for maximum impact.


Take control of your time and ensure your messages reach your audience at the perfect moment with our Scheduled Messaging feature. This powerful tool allows you to plan your WhatsApp marketing campaigns in advance, maximizing efficiency and impact.


Our innovative Personalized Display Pictures feature allows you to tailor your profile picture to each recipient, fostering a more engaging and memorable user experience.

It is FREE

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Our software is optimally suited for all business types. It will not affect your finances. It is free to use, but there are one-time activation charges ₹500/-.













Check out our flexible solutions

We are constantly working to provide new features that make things easier and aid in engaging your audience. Our forthcoming releases can be found here.

Unlimited Group Contacts

We provide limitless contacts for WhatsApp groups. Extremely quiet, even your user could not see their group or contact. So safe and quick.

Subscribe Group Message

Clicking a link makes subscribing to a messaging group straightforward. The same applies to unsubscribe. It is protected from user-reported spam.

Filter Unread Message & Replying

Complex to respond to thousands of unread messages? Transfer to us. You can view and respond to your unread messages in a window.


What people says

Whatzup has helped me reach tens of thousands of customers with a single click. I can easily interact with my clients. It facilitates business communication.
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Manager, ANTIS
As a marketing manager, I utilised chateasy to send numerous messages to my contacts. It is possible to send messages to all of my WhatsApp group contacts without adding them to my phone's contact list. It is importing all contacts and WhatsApp groups from my phone.
whatsapp business bulk message
Senthil Kumar
Marketing Manager, Digit India

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